Thursday, April 23, 2009

Commute Chat 3: Well, I'll Be Dipped

We are taking requests (or attempting to), the following is in response to Steve's insistence that we vlog dipped cones from Dairy Queen. And since Steve isn't really an insist kind of guy, we thought this must be important to him.

Thanks to others who have provided ideas. We're trying to figure out how to work in British accents, hats, the often-threatened (or is it promised?) sock puppets and finger operas. We've been rehearsing our finger opera song, Suzy, never fear!

A couple of administrative things. First - this one has some adult content. Not pictures, but language, so be prepared for that as you consider who might hear this. And second, regarding the audio - we're still working that out on the cheap. This was filmed using Doug's camera, which makes a better video, but distorts the audio, making us sound like we're doing lisps and lateral lisps. Please note that we are not really doing this - it's the equipment. Now, some might find it amusing, others might find it uncomfortable. I'm not sure what the politically correct thing is here, so I'll just offer an apology in advance if anyone is offended. Because a pre-emptive apology is so convincing, isn't it?

Anyway, here it is, we're eating again and talking about things of an adult nature. I fear we've already typecast ourselves.....

I've managed some music on the opening credits this time, but forgot closing music. Baby steps.......


  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!



  2. Honestly, the lisping is bothersome........LOL.
    Doug is fairly amazing, as my hubby has tried to drive and eat a dip cone, and it's not always pretty. Mom felating the cone is too much......and I agree, I don't want to imagine my parents ever having sex, LOL. I think sexy licking is much more suggestive BTW.
    Carry two are a hoot..........I see syndication in the future.

  3. Those ice creams looked scrummy. We don't have any like that here.

  4. I'm impressed that no one made a mess of the dashboard. I'm sure there's a naughty joke in there, but this is a family blog.

    If you go British, go all out with Victorian costumes and make sure Mathman nudges his top hat up with a fancy plastic cane, all while going through a drive-through manned by stoned teenagers.

  5. Randal - naturally the ice cream did not end up on the dashboard. Hey it's me - I took driver's ed times and yes there's a story about that. But I love dip cones. Sometimes I buy them when I am by myself.

  6. You know, I sort of feel the same way about ice cream cones as your mother. Well, not in private, but in public. Same thing with bananas.

    (My mom gave me a copy of "Our Bodies Our Selves". Way to pass the topic off to a book, St. Gail!)

  7. Wait..did Doug get a hair cut since the last episode? ;p

    Thanks for making me hungry!

    Ok, your mum fellating a cone isn't a turn on LOL..

  8. So I missed a post about BJ's at Mathman's. Crap, I need to go back and search.

    Dipped cones are interesting. Doug goes for it. He was munching the actual cone part before you were through licking chocolate off yours, so does that mean he finishes first? And if so does that mean he then helps you finish?

    And you didn't like watching your mother fellate a cone? But your son wants to hear about you two having sex on Wednesday and playing naked flashlight tag? Might this be that old double standard. And I bet sons have more interest in parental sex than daughters?

    Have I mentioned how sexy Doug is? Even eating a dipped cone is sexy on Doug. He really goes for it. I like that in a man.

  9. Well, I'll see you two at Tribeca next week! Srsly!

    Fabulous. About the 'rentsex: agreed. WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

    (I like to tell my children that they have to deal with the fact that their father and I had sex at least twice. Am I right?) And even that makes them run screaming from the room.

  10. Bring on the sock puppets, but not eating ice cream cones. That could get fuzzy!!

  11. Your mother sounds like the classic prudish midwestern mother.

  12. I know it's been forever since I commented, and for that I apologize. This Commute chat is great! Makes me wish I had someone to commute with at 6 in the morning.

    And I have to say I love DQ cones!

  13. That was hilarious. You have serious skills, I don't think I could produce something like that!

  14. You are lisping...seriously!

    And I just now got Doug's post.... Jeez! I am so naive (or decide!)

  15. Wow - you've come a ways since # 1 of these... a fancy opening, a production house name (like that one), better camera work (grin)...

    I also vote for the sock puppets. Some of my personalities are in sock puppets, ya know. Got a spot on my web page for those, ya know. Just packed one in my suitcase - the one who gives nekkos to the kids (they have to guess the color first, then he spits them out on the bed for them to eat - and he knows their favorite colors/flavors and works to get them doled out right - clever Tiger). So let's see those sock puppets!

  16. Have I said that I love this new vlog thing from you guys?!!!

    I hope to see more episodes of "Commute Chat."

    Tune in for "Extreme Grunge Couch Make-Over!" at my site.

    Film at Eleven!

    (Or Photos In The Near Future!)

  17. BTW; it won't be near as compelling as viewing your drive to and fro.

    Maybe informational and time-filling when you have nothing else at 2:00 A.M. on your plate!

  18. Mathman really is quite the multitasker!

    I've ALWAYS thought that licking (sucking?) an ice cream cone looks rather suggestive . . . how funny that your mom (the queen of euphemisms) actually brought that up, though.

    How long is the commute?

  19. You two are a hoot! I love the vlog thing and you put it together very nicely.

    Please no more referneces to moms and oral sex, I am a bit of a prude. Well not really cause it didn't bother me a bit when you said doggie style. I like to pretend I am a prude I guess.

  20. Very cute ... like being there!


  21. I have some(many, no, lots) thoughts about this but mostly, I wonder why there aren't any of those dairy creams/ queens around here in wine country??????? I mean what are the county people thinking when they say NO to dairy cream, I mean queen, is it queen or cream-I actually don't really know for sure? now I really look stupid but very sonoma county, but anyway, I guess we, in this pocket of wine gloriousness and upper class fakery, just don't know the real joys of a dipped in fake chocolate ice cream (fake also I am guessing since it's not allowed in chez panisse territory) cone!

    are they afraid people will drive around making videos of themselves eating said delicious concoction, thus give up buying wine-notice I did not say drinking while not knowing the joys of these wonderful looking things you two are suckling in lusty fashion, making my mouth water for one-- what to say excepting you both do really well multitasking and I need to move to Georgia? PLEASE, say it's not so!

    and doug, my dear, you are sexy and I swear I have never said that to a man in a blog comment I have never even met, especially one who is willing to relish that cone the way you do,, so lustily and in such wild abandon, as if it's the food of the goddesses...really. and talk at the same time....there is something about a man who can multitask I suppose, or maybe it's your enthusiastic abandon in consuming dripping chocolate ice cream cones with such aplomb and grace, and still talking intelligently to lisa with without losing focus once, not once, on the road!! ahem...should I just erase this comment right now before my public persona is forever doomed ? no, not after spending a half hour writing it!

    lisa, you are a lucky woman! ;)

    xoxoxox to you both for sharing with me the joys of Georgia on the freeway after stopping at the dairy queen...

    now, I must go read mathman's blog, which I must admit, I read a couple of times and didn't quite understand...doug, you will just have to go slow with me, I'm new at this, almost virginal one could say... *evil grin*

    (if this doesn't land you in porn prison or whatever the upper post is about, I don't think anything are forever free, pass go, collect $200!)

  22. I did not write that comment above this one~my alter did!

    here's my shrink's phone number, in case you doubt it for ever one second-823-0888 or something, I can never remember her number which is why the alters can come out and play...and I get myself into these weird, almost other worldly but fun places...there is simply no hope. I have gone and done it again! see what happens when I am left alone, with no one home for many hours to come???????

    I must get a grip and a xanax~it's that damned thing you were eating, I swear it was!

  23. OMG - THAT was the best. I wish I could commute with you.

    I just swear at all the idiots.

  24. Hysterical!

    Plus you made me want ice cream really bad.

  25. wow i am away from the internets for 2 days and I miss this?
    Must learn more about how my stupid phone works so I can keep up.
    And if (mom or not) you can fellate a chocolate swirl cone what can you I ask?


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