Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh, I thought it said CORN.

Tonight I got an email from one of my favorite Aussies. The subject line reads: Well, I guess it's official then....

I opened the email and was treated to this message.

After inspecting the declaration of my blog's status as porn, I replied ever so wittily....

Me: LOL! Well, what do you know about that. I have finally arrived! I notice though, at the bottom of this ACCESS DENIED screen, the system allowed you to see a scantily clad....Berlisconi???????

Mountjoy was quick to reply:I was spewing! Any blogspot site is now off limits at work. Luckily tengrain has MPS off on its own.... but that is the only place I can go now. :-(.........
You, too, can enjoy a naked Berlisconi - ignorant oaf that he is - right here:
THAT I can open, cos it is on a newspaper website. I hate censorship, and I hate big brother.
I wonder if i can get your blog as a feed? Hmmmmmm I'll have to investigate.

Me: It's worth a try. And I can always email the posts to you. Are you able to watch youtube? Hey, (endearment redacted), Can I blog this?

Mountjoy: But of course you can! Not like I can see it anyway!!!! :-) The only thing I would ask, is for you to use the photoshopped version I've pasted below - (I'd hate to see our IT department getting a bunch of complaints on your behalf!!!!!)

Me: Of course, I'll protect the identity of your company. Wouldn't want those rabid fans of mine coming down hard on the people who sign your paycheck. Thanks!

For those who aren't familiar with my old blog, let me just say "oh the irony!"


  1. Wait...your site's not porn?


  2. Large Nameless Agency where I work claims to have a similar policy, but then our division signed itself up on Facebook as a "group," and the powers that be began encouraging internal blogs. Kind of an interesting contradiction. Some stuff does get blocked for content, but not much -- and we can't get YouTube, but they're blocking it based on bandwidth issues, not specific content.

  3. Darn, how am I going to get my daily fix of you and mathman in bondage?

  4. more porn at work. I guess sexual harrassment will make a comeback then.



  5. Oh no how terrible. You may need pharmaceuticals for your nerves!!!

  6. Well, so far blogs haven't been blocked at work. MySpace was because of having music and videos pop up and it used too much band with. They have asked us not to use any internet radio for the same reason, but they did block Facebook since so many of us were on it all day. We did work, but never shut the site down so they said no more. They haven't blocked Twitter, so far.

  7. How dare they?? Stupid employers think the worker bees should be doing their jobs, not cruising the intratubes and looking at blogs and videos. As for the porn content, it must be all the posts that mention naked flashlight tag!!

  8. Apparently, they didn't hear about the study that discovered a surfing worker is a productive worker. Unless it's eight straight of hours of porn. Although I guess that would be productive for the libido. Maybe they can sell that in an aerosol.

  9. I don't have a "job"~as it's known in the outside world~so don't know what you are talking about exactly ... I'll send you sticky germy kisses instead...there, now you are all better, right?

    I'd suggest a nap...

  10. Same thing for my blog.

    Google BuelahMan's Redstate Revolt and it is listed as pornography, as well, by Stumbleupon.

    I have tried to change it, but it won't allow.

    (Arguably true, but I think of my site as more R rated or NC17, anyway)

  11. Hmmm...corn porn. No thanks, I'm diabetic.

    On another note [tip]- the IP address in the address bar in your image should be handled much as the email address was. WCC ? hope it's not the boss.

  12. Guess I will have to be careful what I post if that's the You may not be able to visit with me during the But it's hard to not post something that may qualify when you are posting about

  13. i also work in a gulag that forbids any social network sites, political sites, humor sites (ala the Onion), online comix (like xkcd), shopping sites or job search sites -- even if it says something like "how to stay in the job you're in and improve your life dramatically while making your company rich." i'm dreading the day when most of my favorite blog sites are also blocked! unfortunately, the home computer is not fast, smart or strong enough to support most blog sites these days.

  14. How annoying to not be able to read blogs at work. Thank goodness, we can get most Youtube things and blogs; sometimes the embedded stuff doesn't come through on blogs though. And some stuff gives you a warning saying that you can continue "for work related reasons." Funny how everything I do is for work-related reasons, LOL!

    At the moment I'm at the hospital ER with my aunt (she'll be OK, just dehydrated) and thank heavens they have wi fi access - but it blocks, of all things, Facebook! Not blogs, not Twitter, but Facebook. Strange! None of this ever makes any sense.

  15. Am I understanding that right? Has the whole country of Australia classified you as pornography and thus off limits?

  16. Totally unrelated (unless it holds the answers to all of your problems)...

    Don't ask, but I found the info on the place interesting and maybe a fun day trip for the family.

  17. If you work really hard, your blog will also be classified as rebellious and dangerous. I vote for you :)

  18. See, and now I am left to play catch up 22 hours after you post!

    This'll never work.


    (of course smokers can leave the office 5,10,15 times a day for a 7 minute smoke break. But god forbid I stop eo make a few witty comments with friends... )

  19. Yes, luckily Mock, Paper, Scissors is on it's own server... but why the sad face? What else do you people need?



  20. Oh yeah, your blog is nothing but porn. That's why I like it. *ha ha*


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