Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Commute Chat 4: Not So Nice

This one might be continued. Didn't want it to go too long.

It's full of camera goofs, random conversation, me nagging Doug, inappropriate language, a short song that we don't really know the lyrics to, and the two of us not being the 100% Midwestern nice we typically are. Plus there's a new theme song and tag line. I'm finally figuring this out, too.

To be continued? Well, we still haven't done this with sock puppets. I swear, they're coming.

P.S. I have a fat lot of nerve mocking someone else for their neck.


  1. OMG, am I first? Wow!

    Gas $1.83???!!! We filled up in Anchorage on Friday for $2.39!

    Oh; the horror, the humanity!

    BTW; love the Dating Game/Newly Wed game-esque theme song!

    Teh awesome!

  2. You are truly killing me with this!!


    Sock puppets, we await thee!

  3. I'll have to finish this later. The children are here.

  4. I agree nice is over rated and being respectful is much more important than being respectable...You can always fake that...lol

    Our gas prices are about the same, I think it was 1.79 the other day when I was by the station.

    You guys are just too funny..


  6. Did you just check yourself out on the cam?

  7. I know the words to SpiderMan... My daughter loves me to sing it before bed...that and Hotel California.


  8. When I heard the opening music, I thought I'd get to see Dagget and Norbert. And maybe their buddy Stump. I think our grandson thought we were nuts years ago when we would watch "The Angry Beavers".

    As one gets older you get to the point where you say to yourself, "I don't need to be nice and this person deserves to be told the truth."

  9. WTF! Are you two undercover cops? With your dashboard cam?

    Lovin' it! Don't bust my ass!

  10. Can he drive AND pilot a sock puppet? That would be a neat trick.

  11. How on Earth did I not realize you two are not native southerners?! I was thunderstruck when you started speaking. You sounded just like people from my home town! This blew my mind. Obviously, I have not read all your back posts because I came late to the party.

    Did a search for "born" on your blog.... Chicago? DesPlaines? OMG. I grew up in the western suburbs and went to a university in the city. This totally blows my mind. I'd begun to think that southerners were reasonable people, that they were not so different from me.

    There are a few other southern bloggers I love - must go find out if they're really from the north too. Then I could go back to being prejudiced about southerners.

    Looking forward to the sock puppets.

  12. Is that intro music from Match Game '74? You guys need a Charles Nelson Reilly puppet.

    One should never testicle message while driving.

    Spins a web any size
    catches thieves just like flies
    Look out!
    Here comes the Spider-Man!

    This comment was too nice. I'll be more of a jerk next time.

  13. As long as I don't see three sock puppets on Doug, we're cool. On that day, I shall toss my laptop on to the passing lane of I-90. Along with my bleeding eyes.

  14. But only high quality sock puppets.

    This could be a variety show, which would be a welcome replacement for the reality TV shows I have come to despise.

  15. By the time I realized Randall had written testicle mEssage, I had already laughed myself into an asthma attack because I thought he had written testicle mAssage.

    Chortle...snort...wheeze...gasp...and repeat!

    Somebody it getting very good at the video formatting (credits, music, et cetera)!


  16. Now the two of us in the car driving to work early would find me without lipstick. Do you have a special makeup routine before you decide to take the camera with you?

  17. I saw your cleavage Lisa. And Doug said "shit" in the same sentence as "respectability." Nice? God I'm glad I no longer have to be nice. I get to say what ever I want. Sweet!

    I wanted to see Garbo get in the car and start talking about beating up some yukky boy. Bad me.

  18. This made me laugh, In UK talking on your mobile phone is against the law ( not that that stops some people)

  19. I sure hope Vlogging while driving remains legal, because you guys just started and are getting better and better. Love the credits and theme song.

  20. Never mind the sock puppets; I want to see how other drivers react to your puppeteering and driving.

    A second camera may be necessary. Perhaps you could hang one from the 'crap strap' over the door in the back seat? (You know, the thing passengers grab while cursing as you careen around another corner?)

  21. Do more of these! You can do a series!! This is great!

  22. can you film me on the F train one morning, i wonder what i look like


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