Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What will eventually be blogging ops....

So have I mentioned that we're moving?

Yesterday the moooooovers came and carried most of our big, heavy stuff to the new place. They were a touch late so the day went longer than we anticipated, but no one's head exploded, nothing got broken and MathMan and I didn't kill ourselves lugging big pieces of furniture and appliances up and down stairs. We saved killing ourselves, and possibly each other for the unpacking phase of this life project.

Anyway, the moving crew were really nice and didn't even get upset when I hollered "Hey, be careful with our Bondage Gear, willya?"

There was some concern about the missing piece of our bed's footboard (movers don't want to be accused of damage they didn't do). In response, I grossed them out thoroughly by telling them it was damaged during a particularly wild night of sex. Funny, they stopped yapping and moved faster when I asked "Wanna see the video?"

So here's the part where I tell you I wish I were Samantha Stevens. I'd get Darren drunk, blow him for good measure and then twitch my little upturned nose and have all this crap unpacked and put away right fast.

Sadly, I'm more bitch than witch and so the process continues. We're almost done with blah blah moving blah, blah. Next I'll be all blah, blah unpacking, blah, blah......oh am I sick of this subject already!

Nevertheless, priorities are being managed. When The Actor asked if we had thought to pack and bring over the food yet, I believe I pointed in the general direction of the office/dining room and yawned "I think there are some PopTarts in a box over there somewhere." The nerve of the kid to think we should have considered food. Selfish prat.

No matter - the sofa may be in the kitchen and there's a good portion of stuff still in the garage, but the important things are all set.....

As they say on MTV's Cribs. This is where the magic happens.
Just don't ask to see MathMan's wand. That would be too personal.
And I'm all about the boundaries, aren't I?


  1. Woot! Now it really begins :P

  2. That was hilarious. You know, I've moved a lot, and once I have the kitchen and bathroom in livable condition, I can take my time with the rest. You know, I can let things go for as much as 3 or 4 days! Ha ha ha.

  3. I can't wait for my next move! I think I'm going to throw everything out and start over again. Much easier than packing and unpacking.

    That disco pillow rawks.

  4. wow...just reading this makes me want a beer. But then again, anything makes me want a beer...hahaha

    Best of luck,


  5. Food? What nerve. She should be sent out to forage.

    Love the disco pillow. Now I must have my own.

    Your moving is far more interesting than my ceiling painting project. And I'm all about the whining and complaining. You're going to have to try harder to be as boring as I am at the moment. I'm hoping I'll get over this patch of vetch. Well that was the wrong word, but you know what I mean.

  6. Take it from one how just moved, get everything unpacked now or it will sit in boxes for forever.

  7. well, I think the bones of this house look good and larger than the other that my imagination AND wishful thinking? hoping not!

    hysterical post and I'm still blushing.

    here's some cookies...hoping you're taking your speed.

  8. Wow.

    Once again, let me say that I'm in awe of your good grace and humor.

    I wish I'd been there when you told that story to the movers. That is classic.

  9. LMAO over this post. Honey I know exactly how it feels. I have been in this house for a year and a half and I still have boxes stashed in closets. BTW...your way cooler than Samantha.

  10. Oh my- if the bedroom is habitable all will be well!

    I hate moving. It is what keeps me in this ugly house. Well that and the fact that we have no money.

  11. Oh yeah, that's all you have is boundaries!! LOL! :)

  12. Well I guess you're on your way to a new life. You now have high-speed internet for faster blogging. I don't see where anything else matters.

    It'll get unpacked when you're ready. No rush.

  13. So when in the narrative does Agnes Moorehead pop over and turn Darwood into a toad?

  14. The movers kept working faster when you offered to show them video??? You hire better movers than I do.

  15. It is all coming together rather well it appears. I'm with Utah...let the kids forage. Once the movers have seen the video...we will be waiting.

  16. I can so feel your pain.. I moved from Florida back to Missouri last year in June... I am still looking for things I

    Hope you find all your valuables...

  17. I am quite amazed that you, dear Lisa, can find humor in any situation. Kudos!

    Love the boudoir. ;)

  18. Good luck with that, blah blah blah blah, unpacking, blah blah blah, organizing, blah blah blah and good thing you didn't have a piano!

  19. Having sworn to leave my home only when they take me feet-first in a box, I am particularly impressed at your ability to turn the sour lemons of moving day/ week into this tasty lemonade treat. Nice job. Bed looks good.

  20. Ugh! I hate moving-although we have only done it once! That was enough! Things will be taking shape soon!
    good luck with it!

  21. Hope you are straight soon. Biddle said to ask if Mathman's mum's teddy bear has a little corner to live in? LOL

  22. 1) Totally jealous that you had "movers" for any part of this. I've moved only three times since college (not counting the 8 times IN college) and never had the sense to hire professionals.

    2) This is totally curing me of the thought of down-sizing once DS2 is out in 3 more years. I'll just stay put and someone (The Spawn) can take ME out in a box, mmmm-kay?

    3)I have totally wanted the Samantha powers too. I think it's what made that show so popular... all of us "do too much-ers" wishing a little nose-wiggle would do it.

    4) Bordello may be first priority. I'm voting for Blogging Ops as #2. Just saying.

    peace, ya'll!

  23. I love that pillow! And that show Bewitched, what I saw of it in my childhood, has rotted my brain. I want to twitch my nose and be done with any boring task. Boo hiss on actual, boring, grinding work :)

  24. We've had boxes that went thru several moves without getting unpacked. When they finally get unpacked you go "So that's where that was!!"
    A thought, you live too close to the power plant to worry about acid rain.

  25. OK, I moved 14 years ago this month and still have boxes in the basement that have never been unpacked (brother will have to go through those - spiders, etc). Have to go through my mother's things too someday, but for now my darling chiropractor has forbidden me from housework (I'm not made for housework) until my frozen shoulder is better. Poor me ;)
    OK, when will that video be leaked to the internet?

  26. Hee hee! Glad you're handling the move with such grace and humor.

    Matty and I have already decided that we're selling most of our stuff before we move just so we don't have to deal with it. I hate unpacking!

  27. You guys are moving? When did all this happen? Don't forget to steal some coal!

  28. Yeah, yeah, moving, blah blah, what I want to know is how you get away with having all those pillows on the bed? My husband freaks out if the 2 decorative ones are still in place when he wants to climb into bed.

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  30. Every time I move, and go through the agony of packing, hauling and unpacking scores of boxes, I think of pictures I have seen of third-world families on the move. The women are carrying all their worldly possessions in a pack balanced on their heads. Then I scratch my head and think, "What the fuck do I need with all this junk in all these boxes?" Then I throw away one item and feel very proud of myself for cutting back.


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