Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Is This Night...

A lifetime ago, this would have been a day when we were either helping with, hindering, heading up or bitching about (perhaps all of the above) preparations for the evening's Passover Seder. Since moving to Georgia, however, we've all but ignored the holiday.

Not so this year, but barely. Yesterday on our way to buy some groceries, MathMan asked if we should actually hold a sort of Seder today. I concurred, but that was before I knew that a trip to the grocery store would invite my fever to come back and knock me on my ass again.

So we have our brisket (I'll be using this recipe), makings for matzo ball soup, matzo crackers, parsley, horseradish and MathMan even made the Charoset, but we won't hold our Seder tonight after all. Ah well. It gives me more time to print off a Hagaddah since the only one I could find in our local library was one that was written from a Mystic slant. And (bonus), Chloe is coming home on Friday so she can join us when we sit down and retell the story of the Jews' release from slavery on Friday.

For those of you celebrating properly, may you enjoy a Pesach full of family, friends and tender brisket. May no one spill their wine when their not supposed to, may Elijah close the door behind him, and last but certainly not least, may you run over the six year old to find the Afikomen and collect a fiver from your cheap Uncle Morty.



  1. Indeed. While you're printing off a respectable Haggadah, have this year's "Facebook Haggadah" for counterpoint.

    Have a lovely Pesach with your family!

  2. Hope you have a lovely Seder. Is it wrong that I leave this post not wondering about the spiritual mysteries that Passover celebrate but rather that I am craving brisket and horesradish?

  3. I think that passover plate would look rather nice with deviled eggs in it.

  4. here's to a go Seder for you and the family (and that brisket recipe is a lot different than mine!)

  5. Very best to you and the family for a happy Pesach.

    I did brisket and horseradish yesterday as a dry run for next year. If our Afro-American President can host a White House seder, this Irish zaydeh can hold one for his honorary grandkids.

    (Results? I was hoping you wouldn't ask-- I have a year to work on things,and I see I'll need it. At least the dogs enjoyed the leftovers.)

  6. I am SO fascinated with the different traditions, celebrations and holidays that people celebrate. While I know the 'gist' of the Passover celebration [The Esther/Hadassah story, correct? Why does Elijah come for dinner?], I know little beyond that.

    Please explain the significance of eating Brisket for Passover Dinner. [IS there a significance?] I had never heard of brisket until I moved to the South. I obviously have a lot to learn.

    Please feel better soon. I'm sorry you've been feeling so crummy.

  7. I don't know much about seder but happy late seder.

    I'm sick as a dog now too.

    i hope you feel better. Don't do too much.

  8. Have a happy Passover. I, meanwhile, will be making the trip south (ok, south Jersey) to wait in nervous anticipation for the arrival of the christian god, the Easter Bunny.

  9. Happy Pesach, Lisa. Have a great seder. Let's hope Uncle Morty comes through with more than a fiver.

  10. Seder is a kind of tree, right?

    Since you're still sick, you should send your portion of food to me.

  11. Happy Pesach to you and yours!!!! :)

  12. I didn't understand any of that. Are you still feverish or is it me? Happy Passover if it's appropriate to wish such. May the Angel with the mighty sword leave your home in peace and tranquility.


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