Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tell Me One of Your Stories

I spent my words on the manuscript today, my energy on rearranging furniture.

Coping skills are extremely important in times like these.

I just started watching Golden Girls with Chloe who loves the show and we were just discussing whether Rue McClanahan was still alive or not.  We were wrong.  Or prescient.  Either way, what a shame.



  2. Yeah, if a celeb who has no reason to be on my mind turns up suddenly in the brain for no reason, I start expecting to see an obituary, although sometimes it's just that they've taken up painting.

  3. I always wondered how four strong older women could share a house and not have daily arguments about home decor.

  4. I know this dates (youngs?) me, but I remember being 7 or 8 and being baby-sat by a family friend or our Grandma and watching Golden Girls - it was always on in our house when it aired. My 6 year old sister and I would watch with our grown sitter and laugh obnoxiously with the laugh track because 90% of the jokes were over our heads.

    I think if I went back in time, I'd start there and smack myself.

    Just glad I could catch up in reruns, when I appreciated the humor.

  5. The great thing about those women is that they'd have smacked a six year old, too. With a wooden spoon.
    Or pinched him.

  6. I never followed the show. News takes up most of my TV time.

  7. Oh, I didn't even know she'd passed. Thanks for sharing this. She was a great one! I loved that show, and I'm glad to hear someone Chloe's age can actually get into it, too (hopefully not just to humor you.) ;)

  8. I find myself curiously untouched by the spate of recent celebrity deaths. While death is never a welcome thing, those who once occupied a spot in our thoughts because they were on television or some other public forum rarely move me.

    We as a generation are losing our touchstones. It is sad, in a way.

    I know you're cruising along that fine line where the abyss yaws beside you. I wish I could grab you and make sure you neither fall nor leap in to it. Hold fast to what is good, in the words of someone wiser than I will ever be once said. Even when it seems the slimmest, rarest reed in the world.

  9. It is SUCH a shame--I loved her, and I love that show. I feel like the humor in that show is just timeless, and it owes so much of that to the four talented ladies, three of whom will be sorely missed. Hang in there, Betty White!

  10. There once was a man named Enis.

    I thought you wanted a story.


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