Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Don't cry for me, next door neighbor

He tells me that he is not the Blue Bird of Happiness.
Oh my goodness, friends, People of the Internets, whatever hit me has taken me down but good. Is it Churchill's black dog come to call? A lack of sugar? Brain numbed from the screeching about the Casey Anthony verdict (who knew this nation was so chock full of legal fucking experts? And who let those people loose on Facebook? Shit, man). Maybe it was this morning's skies with the smudgy cotton batting filling the spaces between the hills. Maybe it's because my dreams have been exhibitions of exhausting symbolism, car chases and talking moose, not of the Bullwinkle variety. Maybe it's because I'm emotionally wrecked after sobbing on the elliptical yesterday while I watched Robert DeNiro play an old guy in Everybody's Fine.

Maybe it's some unresolved parental issues I drag around like a battered valise. Maybe it's because my shoulders are aching something fierce from holding up this damned debt ceiling. Maybe it's because I didn't have coffee this morning as I dashed out to relieve RiteAid of two Fusion Proglide razors with blades, a tube of Crest ProHealth toothpaste, John Freida shampoo and conditioner and they paid me seventy cents for the privilege.

All I do know is I need a nap. Okay, another nap. And lately, I don't quite know how I get up in the morning.

Today I think let's just stand back and watch it all burn down. I know it can get worse, but I don't see how. That segment of my imagination has switched off to protect the guilty.

What's dragging you down? What's making you squeal like a pig? What's Ned Beatty doing here anyway? Where's the black dog's kibble?

They Might Be Giants covers Chumbawamba


  1. Oh man, funny how that feeling can pop up with 0° Kelvin warning.

    Answers: no way in hell I'm revealing that; squealing is ungentlemanly, I whine baritone-ish; Mistah Luthor! Mistah Luthor!; Led Zeppelin ate it.

  2. Ah, Lisa, sometimes the weight is just too much. This world and the crazy way the rich and powerful fuck us around, compounding and multiplying the consequences of the ordinary mistakes we little people make, can sometimes make me weep too. You just wonder what's the point of it all.

    Sometimes it hits you suddenly, like a blow to the neck; other times it creeps up on you, a grey fog leeching all the beauty and lightness out of life.

    But the beauty and lightness is still there, regardless, even when we can't feel it. We are all Sisyphus, pushing that fuckin' rock up the hill again and again - but Camus once commented that Sisyphus is not unhappy.

    Illegitimi non carborundum!

  3. Let's see ... to NOT let the crap rise to nose level:

    There's ignorance.

    There's denial.

    There's a library full of books.

    There's law school.

    There's getting elected (to anything).

    There's becoming a lobbyist.

    There's turning off the internet, radio & TV.

    There's booze.

    There's chocolate (fuck the calories).

    There's porn.

    There's self-indulgence.

    There's joining the U. S. Marines.

    There's I really do care what's happening the world because I can't do a single thing about any of them.

  4. Hang in there, girl! It's going to get better for you SOON. This I KNOW.

    P.S. You are still rockin' funny, so your sense of humor remains intact. Awesome.

  5. Okay, I chuckled through that whole video.

    Overexposure has me running for the hills, feeling that I've said too much, or not enough of what's real, or too much that is real and no longer being able to decipher the difference.

    Hang in there my friend.

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  7. I am wrangling with the husband's health ins people. They just sent notice saying due to lack of documents your college age kid's coverage has been terminated, retroactive to April 11.
    Long hold times, inept clerks who clearly don;t give a shit, and us sending now the 4th set of documents (must be notarized & certified!) to these clowns. It's probably a good thing they are 2000 miles away.
    Rigamarole, red tape & stalling & losing documents seems to be the name of the game.
    Not to worry, they supervisor who responded 7.5 hours later, said they will now take 30 days to respond.
    Even my size 20 bold part of the fax cover asking for a confirmation e mail that
    1- they received it
    2- they have all they need to reinstate it.
    Oh! You want a written confirmation.
    Yes Einstein, we do.

    If someone asks my son if he has insurance coverage, he can just say:
    Yes. Kind of. Maybe. I'm not sure.
    I'm certain they will accept that for an answer.
    If not, maybe he can barter chickens?

    The Anthony trial was a circus and I too feel like justice was not served. Just the body language of the whole family after the verdicts were read.
    Sumpthin' ain't right.

    I don't have the answer amiga.
    I just keep plugging along.
    Get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow will be better? Just keep putting one foot in front of another & breathe!

  8. Nothing can keep your funny down,Lisa.

    Hang tough.


  9. Let it burn, Lisa. The ashes make great fertilizer.


  10. The title of this post cracks me up (and many of your comments in it).

    Hope you have a good day....

  11. I live in a college town. The little punks with their iPhones and ear buds are getting me down. They think they are superior to a 40-something year-old-woman, and I know, just know, one (or a herd) is going to step in front of my car one day and blood and guts are going to fly and I will have to feel guilt for the rest of my life.

    Stupid always gets me down.

  12. All through your wild days
    Your mad existence
    You kept your promise...

    Some days are heavy heavy. Nap if you can. Give yourself some slack.

    What's dragging me down? The age of the contents of my ovaries. The uncertainty. Construction. The humidity. The fact that I have to go to Tampa for four days for work.

    Onward and upward.

    Also, though I wasn't proclaiming on FB, I must admit to being among the ranks of legal experts railing against the Casey Anthony verdict.

  13. Novel revisions are dragging me down.

    Feel better...I order you to eat some sugar and take a 16-hour nap.

  14. Also dragging me down: I'm the biggest dork. Don't cry for me immediately triggers Evita...but a friend just sent me a link of TMBG covering Tubthumping and it's a line from that.


  15. don't cry for me also triggered evita, but our version goes, "do-ray-me-argentina" b/c i used to sing don't cry for me argentina when trying to brush the tangles out of my daughters hair when she was a little bit younger. she got do-ray-me and don't cry for me mixed up one day and i thought, "that works even better."

    i'm with you. in a mood.

  16. "What's dragging you down? What's making you squeal like a pig? "

    The fact that reasonable doubt should work BOTH ways!! *blog post to follow*

  17. Just to show that we're not all cultural ingoramuses, and for the education of the wider masses :-)

    Lisa has a deep admiration for some of the more obscure corners of British pop music. The title doesn't, in fact, come from Evita but from Tubthumping, the greatest hit of the delightful British anarchist band, Chumbawamba.

    Now you know.

  18. This happens to me regularly. It always has. I have learned to remember - to tie that proverbial string around my finger to remind me - that it always passes. Reminding myself of that gives me the feeling of being more than halfway through the black cloud.


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