Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lisa Sing the Blues

Yesterday I tweeted that I was breaking up with TV because I can't take the bad news anymore. Why, in the span of twenty minutes, I was subjected to the news that Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed had ordered the rousting of Occupy Atlanta, I ground my teeth while I listened to Senator Pat Toomey (R - PA) try to explain how Supply Side Economics would solve our problems by bringing down prices (which would be awesome if he means everything will be free because that's the only way people without jobs will be able to become consumers again), and then Arne Duncan came on the air to talk about how we need longer school days and more extracurricular activities for kids because all the activities the working classes can no longer afford to enroll their kids in aren't nearly enough.

At the end of that I was no longer grinding my teeth, I was stomping to the basement in search of ammunition.

The internet isn't much better, except for a few places that serve as doors into other worlds.

In a fit of pique, I hit my Tweetdeck with a hammer and threw eggs at the television. The cats were pleased. Their eyes gleamed as they lined up for a taste of that chirping Twitter bird and a couple of them went after the raw eggs. Not all of these cats are of the discerning taste variety. We have a couple with rather indiscriminate palates. If I don't keep the trash well sorted and the toilet lids shut, they think they're at a saloon with a buffet.

Alas, I wasn't finished. I also shot Facebook in the face because I'm so sick of the constant scroll of recycled photos with pithy sayings, the visual aids demonstrating just how fucking bad the economy is, and the links to the ever-increasing bad news.

I feel myself tumbling into the enormous chasm between the Haves and the Have Nots and wishing that we'd reach the place where violence becomes inevitable because I'm anxious to know the outcome of these dark times. I want to be through them already.

I hope you could follow that. You should see the size of the coffee cup I'm using.

Anyway, as an antidote, I'm spending more and more of my time escaping. While tugging clothes from the dryer and folding them into origami underwear swans is a great way to both stay away from the TV and to get make myself useful, I'd much rather disappear into new and different worlds - my own manuscript, books I'm reading, and especially into the labyrinth of online entertainment. Except for a few minutes of necessary relaxation to help me release my anxieties enough to get some work done, I'm actually talking about wholesome entertainment.

For example, short stories (follow the links to the story Paper Lanterns), and short films by new friends and then this by Nina Paley. In the Nina Paley film, my favorite parts are the cross talk between the narrators. (Click those links, people. I'm not kidding.)

Music is a must on my little island of I'm Ignoring You and You and You!. I bring with me all genres, but right now, I'm awash in jazz and the old standards and especially the old sappy love songs. A friend recently  sent me the 1929 CD by Annette Hanshaw who provides the soundtrack for Sita Sings the Blues.

I had an inkling of her work when I stumbled upon some of Hanshaw's music as I searched for a version Am I Blue to use in this post. It all fits so nicely since we seem to be enjoying economic good times just like in 1929.

Another friend and I were talking about how having certain survival skills might become necessity as things worsen. She pointed out that I might be glad I know how to grow food. I agreed, but I'd like better to be able to know how to grow trees that sprout Benjamins instead of leaves then I could start my own SuperPac. Talk about killing two legislative priorities with one big donation.

I think the thing that most irritates me about the state of the world is --- you know what, no. I can't even put my finger on the thing or even the things that most irritate me. We're in such a mess.

Enough with the gloom. I'm going to go round up the cats. We're working on our version of this. You know, just in case...

How are you escaping these days?


  1. God I love your blog posts.

    I had a rough few days this week and I am shocked -- shocked! -- to report that I managed my pain/anger by going out and running in the park.

    Am I turning into the kind of person I used to want to punch in the face?

  2. Don't worry, we all end up dead in the end. I peeked at the ending. :)

  3. You have no idea how much I love when others embrace the existential crisis and sexify it through the careful application of escapism.

    I escape through my work. I live to give.

  4. It's been said, many times since the 1960s... A real revolution will not occur until the American middle class enters the fray.

    Middle class comfort has been the adicting drug for too long. Now that comfort is fading away and a broken mirror reflects a grim future, perhaps there's reason to hope for change, social recalibration and equity.

    This will be a tough next few years. As someone once said, "They've got the guns but we have the numbers."

  5. Fear not!. The beginning is near. You're right to bathe yourself in only good stuff!

  6. Thank you, Laura. And how healthy of you! I must admit that I run on the elliptical while I watch reruns of Homefront on youtube so I wouldn't punch you.

    Thunder - That's great news! Go Cleveland!

    nixabn - Excellent point. I'm just going to devote myself to art and quit all this worrying.

    Randal - You do give joy.

    Bill - I agree. The growing levels of discomfort will bring the tipping point.

    Michelle - Thanks! It feels right!

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  8. "I feel myself tumbling into the enormous chasm between the Haves and the Have Nots and wishing that we'd reach the place where violence becomes inevitable because I'm anxious to know the outcome of these dark times. I want to be through them already."

    Wow. I've been feeling the same way lately, but was not able to so eloquently sum it up.

  9. Sad to say, I'm not. I'm not escaping from what one observer (whom you should recognize) called a "soul-sucking job". I'm not escaping from the sense that, despite OWS, most of the folks in charge are still stuck in Stupidstan. I'm not escaping from the grand desire to dope-smack the next person who blames illegal immigration/liberals/Barack Obama/Jews/pretty much anyone who isn't responsible for our situation.

    Finally, despite a plethora of beautiful music that usually serves well to keep my mind off stuff like this, I can't even escape in to music anymore. My mind wanders, and eventually lands on the spot that says "Pass Go! Get Educated! Don't Get Rewarded For All That Hard Work, Just Suck It Up In Loserville!" So, there you go.

  10. Hmm,lets see. I cook more. And I watch as many comedies on tv as we can find. And I post one, if not two funny posts a week. Or I sleep.

  11. My current escapes are reading, baking and standard bedroom antics with my spouse. Hey, we all have to have outlets, right?

    I haven't written in over a month, and haven't blogged in almost two. Everything pisses me off these days, and my sister reads my blog. I don't want to bring her down.

    I try to limit my tv watching to "Sons of Anarchy", "Archer" and re-runs of "The Oblongs". Everything else is watched on Netflix streaming, just to avoid commercials.

  12. The assholes who are fucking things up for the vast majority of us will eventually be toppled. Honestly, it can be done and without violence. How? Do nothing. No work. No buying. Nothing. That would scare the shit out of them. That said, I think enough people are not just afraid--now they are angry. The greedy had better watch out. When people are no longer afraid and angry? We out number them.

  13. I don't know what I'd do without your blog. I sure as he'll wouldn't know anything. And that's just for starters. I do want to hear those cats sing though. I'm hppy to wait for it....

  14. me reading this is my escape.

    you know, i watch morning joe now as if we're watching it together. this morning when they were showing footage of the oakland OWS warzone, i nearly got on email to ask if you had seen it. wtf?!

    hang in there. keep working on that manuscript. that may be the very thing this is all about. (this, of course, comes with a disclaimer that i know nothing about nothing.)

  15. I escape the days knitting - I can't afford to drink or do illicit drugs so I knit. This could also pass as a survival skill - I'll knit you a sweater for some veggies out of your garden or better yet some Benjamins off that tree I just know you'll figure out... please wake me up from this nightmare.

    Oh and the news left last week... along with my cable.

  16. It's important to note that "Happy Days Are Here Again" was dripping IRONY.

    We're reclaiming our language. The dulcet tones of Opposite Worlders are standing out in stark contrast to reality.

    Revolution is here. Whether it's
    bloody or not is in their court.

  17. God, I love reading you. You make me giggle and cry at the same time. That's such a rare talent.

  18. We throw things at the tv on a regular basis. Of course it hasn't worked since Miz E whacked it with the remote second week of school anyway which MIGHT be why I no longer know WHAT the hell is going on and have resorted to getting my news from FB (BAD idea), the elevator (dubious at best) and NPR in the morning (if I time it just right I only hear Car Guys).

    I'm re-reading the entire collection of schlock in the basement. Randomly. I just close my eyes, reach out and grab one. No sniveling allowed.

  19. Food stamps are the only reason there aren't bread lines.

    Thank goodness for OWS - a real one that won't be stopped.

  20. I'm stuck @ home in a 2 month post op knee replacement surgery. Can you say cabin fever.
    Apparently my new hobby is stacking on complications.
    Developed a mean case of carpal tunnel (while using crutches!), went to the doc got heavy duty splints for both wrists to be worn 24/7, a few days later developed a burning itching contact dermatitis from the synthetic fabric or rubbing/heat or all of the above.
    So now I take benadryl & oxy & laxatives & steroid cream. How much fun can 1 person have?

    BTW my college kid is doing a local occupy encampment & stay awake nights worrying if things are going to go bad.

    apparently, I am singing the blues too

  21. Escape=A couple cold beers, walking my dog and watching the new television series, "Once Upon a Time." And reading fluff.

    Oh, and reading great blog posts.

    Even when they remind me of what I'm escaping from.


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