Friday, August 19, 2011

We've got it all until the revolution comes

Some more world-stopping observations to help get you through your day...

1. Scott Farkus and Grover Dill may rule the back alleys between home and school, but they're terrified of the vacuum cleaner. They also enjoy rasslin' on the back of my chair which means they're tumbling around back there behind my head. The joys never end.

2. You know you're a true political junkie/journalist groupie when you vow never to wash your twitter again after WaPo columnist Jonathan Capehart responds to one of your tweets.

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2.1 If you're not on Twitter, you might want to rethink that. Did you know you can interact with fun people like the author Tayari Jones?

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2.2 And if you are on Twitter and not following me, what's up with that? Don't make me deliver a cat to you. Because I will.

Seriously though, be sure to check out who follows me and who I follow. I've made lists, too. Great people, funny people, co-conspirators, authors, political types and my blog friends who fit into any number of those categories.

P.S. If you're on Twitter and I'm not following you, please leave your twitter handle in the comments so I can fix that situation. Thank you.

3. The word super is being overused. It seems to have replaced the now exhausted extreme and mega. We have this new Super Committee of Congressional members who will decide whether or not we flourish or wither and then there's this new Super Group called, of course, The Super Heavy featuring Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian Marley and R.H. Rahman.

I think we'd have a better chance of making it out alive if we put the Super Heavy in charge of policy and sent those bought lawmakers into the studio with some kazoos and the much-maligned squeezebox.

4. Want to stir things up on Facebook? Mention Kozy Shack pudding. True story.

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5. I've been listening to the rhetoric coming from the Right, the moderates, the corporate media and anyone who owes their living to fundraising money from deep pockets. I find it chilling that there's this assumption that we all must simply accept the current and very gross income inequality as the "new normal." Listen carefully and educate yourselves, my loves, because that horrible notion frames everything that those folks say.

6. There are two more containers of Kozy Shack pudding in the garage fridge. I've put it as far away from me as possible. So let's say I decide to eat one. But I don't want to gain weight so to balance the input, I just eat it while running on the elliptical. Webcast? Yes or no?

7. I've tinkered with the layout of the blog and my other blog PoliTits, making the font larger, for example, because I notice that when I'm reading blogs with small fonts, I tend to stop reading because it's too much work. I know. First world problems abound. Let me tell you next about how the dishwasher is so noisy that I have to crank up the volume on the television in the living room so I can hear it while I'm puttering around in the kitchen.

8. I'm definitely a Libra. I'm torn between positive visioning that I'm going to get the job in Chicago for which I interviewed this week and fretting that if I think or talk about it, I'll jinx the whole thing.

9. I think politicians should stop trying to sound hip by making pop cultural references and employing folksy sayings. They could stand to lay off the similes, metaphors and euphemisms, too. Play it straight, people, or run the risk of wishing Elvis a happy birthday on the anniversary of his death. Someone spank their handlers and put them in the corner until the next news cycle.

10. Your turn. Observations, thoughts, gripes, confessions, whimsical statements of epic proportions welcome.


  1. Kozy Shack is THE SHIT. Their rice pudding? Oh man. If it wasn't a mile to the grocery store I'd go get some now. (Himself has the car.)

  2. Yesterday I was stuck in traffic behind a bumper sticker that read: THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED FOR LIBERALS WITH OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY. I sat there, fuming:

    Never mind that we are both driving on the same road, you fucking dumbass, I am a flaming, defiant, bleeding-heart liberal who's never taken a dime from anyone. Why the fuck do conservatives think liberals always have our hands out? We want peace and equality for all, and a fair shake when it comes to who's paying what. That's it.

    Now get out of my way, dickhead, before I run your ass off my road.

  3. Kozy Shack Rice Pudding. Oh yeah ....

    One of my co-workers posted on FBook this a.m. that he believes income tax is a form of slavery. Is that part of the new reality, I wonder? Viewing roads, police & fire, schools, etc., as "slavery"?

    Back to the Kozy Shack, back to my happy place ....

  4. And just to add before anyone jumps on me: I know that property tax and sales tax and gas tax pay for those things. But make no mistake that federal and state income taxes help pay for those things, too.

  5. Observation: It's windy.

    Thought: I feel guilty about not having yet taken home a coworker's book that I borrowed at least three months ago.

    Gripe: that one confluence of space-time will remain off limits.

    Confession: I am completely unfamiliar with 72.8% of the references in this post.

    Whimsical statement of epic proportion: you really should reconsider using SuperMegaUltraToweringGiantStory as the title of your book.

  6. Confession: I briefly wondered who the [bleep] Scott Farkus and the other guy were, before remembering that THEY ARE CATS.

    I cashed my dad's birthday check and bought an I-Tunes gift card. He'd be thrilled to know that he purchased the 20th anniversary edition of CB's "Bloodletting" and Seether's new song (among other things) just for me!

    I have 2 stacks of generic Oreos: regular and peanut butter - in the kitchen. I'm stuffing them into chocolate chip cookies and baking them.

    I have many gripes, but they require heavy editing and redaction before I print them.

  7. #8. I'm putting all my energy into your Chicago job! Fingers crossed and voodoo and witchcraft and Catholic incense and Diana Gabaldon with her Claire Randall and cheeks clenched and all manner of crazy stuff. Whatever works!

  8. First, I love all your cat threats. Bring it on! :) And I too still need to read Silver Sparrow.

    I have no gripes right now, mostly because I just powered through a bunch of book revisions and am exhausted. So allow me to share with you the "joke" printed on my cafe napkin. It features two talking muffins.

    Muffin #1: "Hey! What's up?"
    Muffin #2: "Oh, Muffin'."

    Good times, my friends. Good times. And now I need a muffin.

  9. Hooray for bigger, darker fonts, because my squinting eyes thank you from their deep retinal orbs.

    Gripe: I'm sick of all the political bullshit. Even sniped at some caller for the State Dems today. I have no more patience.
    Me: Are you soliciting?
    Yes we are fundraising.
    Me: Really? Well the husband is not working. I suggest if you want money stop having 3 wars!.

    Poor guy, just trying to do his job & make a difference & he gets me & the boulder sized chip on my shoulder.

    I had fallen off the exercise wagon, in the dust.
    My knee is toast. Literally, my Doc says I need a new knee. A shot of cortisone dulled the shooting pain, but the needle to inject it deep in to the knee looked more like a nail to me. Could not look at it. He said can't do any more damage to it than is already done. Go ride a bike & get it ready for surgery. and he is humane enough to give me pain meds too.
    Props to the ortho Doc who understands if the x rays make him cringe, it's gotta be mega painful- which it is.

    Whimsey: I get to meet Cindy Sheehan this weekend @ a small potluck. Wow.
    She is ready to bring on the revolution.

  10. There are times that I use my laptop on my lap. There are times, especially in warm weather, that I put it on the coffee table, plug in a keyboard and mouse, and use it. In the latter case, the screen's at least twice as far away.

    Control and the plus keys have become my friends. Enlargment is a good thing and I'm not afraid to use it.

  11. I'm considering posts with no words at all just to keep everyone moving along at a comfortable pace.

  12. So much here... um, where to start...

    A. I might have sudden-onset innerweb crush on averildean.

    re: #2 - you know I sort of feel that way when you respond to my tweets. ;-)

    re: #6 - maybe

    re: #7 - could you make this one mobile friendlier too?

    re: #8 - I hear ya, sister. Doing the same over here - about you and me both.

    re: #9 - I'm THIS CLOSE to ignoring all of it until 2013

    re: #10 - this is all I got today mostly because I'm exhausted

  13. Job possibility in Chicago? Way cool.

  14. In Australia they use "brilliant" a lot. I like that better than "super." Although "soop-ah" sounds cute when it's pronounced with an Aussie accent.

  15. True Story: I was driving to work one day and noticed the bumper sticker on the car in front of me. It showed Uncle Sam saying, "GET THAT COMMIE OBAMA OUT OF MY WHITE HOUSE!

    I knew that there was construction ahead, so accordingly got in the far right lane. Obviously this joker didn't know about it and got stuck in the left lane and being that it was rush hour, no one was letting him in the right lane. I almost always let people in because I am just that kind of girl. Not this time. I looked over at him fuming with his blinker on and as I pulled up beside him, I rolled down my window and smiled. He smiled hopefully and rolled his passenger window down and said, "Can you let me in, gorgeous? I smiled sweetly and said, "Yes! But only because I can tell that you are mentally handicapped because of your bumper sticker! I always cut the mentally handicapped a break!"

    His smile faded. Mine did too. I let him in and he gave me the finger when I was behind him. And then plowed into the person in front of him because he was obviously not paying attention to his driving. I swerved to the far lane to avoid the hoopla and sailed through a parking lot to bypass the now stalled cars. I smiled beautifully at him as I drove away.

    BTW, I agree totally with you on font size. And I once got a blog comment from Jon Bon Jovi when I wrote about meeting him once when I was younger. I saved it. I have no idea how he stumbled on it, suspect that he has that thingee that tells you when your name is mentioned anywhere...but I doubled back to make sure it was really him and then I sat there like a fan girl, smiling hugely.

  16. Kozy Shack rules. And of course I follow you on Twitter and Facebook.

    PS: Randall leaves the best comments on your blog!

  17. Come on Chicago!

    Oh; and webcast? YES!


  18. I just assumed Scott Farkus and Grover Dill were pundits...(enjoying your blog!)

  19. Wash your twitter. Do it right now. Now.

  20. Thanks for these comments, y'all! Great stories, great advice. And welcome, Valerie K to the comments. I hope you'll be back to join this fabulous bunch of brilliant commenters.

  21. I'm rooting for Chicago (or as my dad used to say Chicargo)

    Yes web cam please.

  22. Good luck with the Chicago job. As someone who has worn glasses since age 2, may I recommend computer glasses? I had to get bifocals younger than usual b/c one of my eyes is much weaker than the other (was cross-eyed as an infant. It was corrected, but the left eye isn't as strong as the right) and muscle control could be better. Problem was when I used a computer (like 12 or more hours a day--my job requires it) I would crane my neck to read the screen through the reading portion of the lens. I mention it to my ophthalmologist and she said, "what about computer glasses?" The prescription is set for a distance of 18 to 24 inches, the distance of a computer screen. Like crack for eyes.

  23. I am lame - my fav twitter interactions of the celeb variety were with Shannon Tweed, Andy Cohen and Alex Guarnaschelli.

  24. You've hit #9 right on the head. I don't need my politicians to be all hipster and cool. I need them to be steady, intelligent and solid in all that they do. I don't need them to be boring or dull, but make me impressed that my vote is something I can be proud of.

  25. I used to eat tortilla chips on the treadmill. GO FOR IT!


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